The Tarot Experiment: September

Tarot has always been a hobby of mine. Although I’m not thoroughly invested in its fortune telling abilities, I find it a really fun way to get my thoughts in order. So on that note, I thought a fun way to document my year on placement would be to throw out an annual tarot spread and see how each card compares to the actual events each month brings.

September’s card turned out to be Three of Swords. This card represents heartache and even more so when the card is reversed. The quote in my tarot guide reads: “Confusion and worry, a great upheaval that causes stress. The healing process has begun, even though you have a long way to go.”

This couldn’t have been more accurate if it tried. Unfortunately, my placement is located a considerable distance away from my previous city, which has cost me a 2 and a half year long relationship. As inappropriate as it may seem to document this detail, I want this blog to be a raw and honest recount of my year – and that includes acknowledging events and memories which might not all be rainbows and unicorn poop.

Regardless of whether tarot readings have any truth to them or not, I strongly believe that the healing process really has begun. Although there may be a long way to go and I’m inevitably feeling a bit sore, I can see through the tunnel to the end of this year and it still has a warm and encouraging fire burning slowly on the other side.

This is a time to get to grips with what I love doing again. Lots of handcrafting is definitely a priority for next month and I’m going to be learning from two lovely entrepreneurial ladies how to build a business from scratch. It’s time to put my best foot forward and step confidently into a new academic year.



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If you’re still reading then you have my heartfelt thanks and I hope you’ll be with me throughout this blog experiment!