OLED: The Future of Cinema

It’s time to decide what kind of product the Piguet fashion house is going to create – something that will firmly establish a place for the new brand in today’s fashion market. This is an opportunity to create something revolutionary and innovative, to create something that has never been made that all participants will be remembered for.

To revive Robert Piguet’s fashion house, the traditional qualities of his brand image will have to be updated with modern, relevant topics. In Robert Piguet’s case, talkies were revolutionary during the 30s and they played a big part in the glamour and escapism surrounding the decade. For the Robert Piguet brand to be revived, his traditional influences of film and Hollywood glamour will have to be repurposed to incorporate the modern cinema experience, so that the brand is relevant in today’s market place. A brainstorm of products that may help the brand to do this included:

  • 1930s Hollywood eyewear is a symbol of sophistication and glamour. It may be possible to collaborate with a company that specialises in VR technology, to create a collection of vintage Piguet eyewear that can display films across the lenses. This would celebrate Piguet’s original influences whilst also taking on board the advancements of modern technology.
  • The only part of the Piguet fashion house that has survived to this day is the fragrances. Therefore, it may be beneficial to the brand to collaborate with a perfumer to create a new fragrance that can change the way it smells throughout the day. This would repurpose the idea of cinematic storytelling, by using scent to tell a story as the day goes by.
  • It may be a good idea to collaborate with a revered camera manufacturer to create a camera that is 1930s in style but 2020 in technological advancements. This would make an impression on creative and passionate millennial consumers. However, this would severely limit the size of the target audience.
  • Film has become more and more portable over the decades, with inventions such as the TV, laptops and mobile phones, so there is very little need for a cinema in the 21st This may be an opportunity to collaborate with a cinema company and create cinemas that are modern fun and exciting, to reignite public interest in the cinema experience. However, this may be difficult to maintain because new technology allows consumers to watch films in the comfort of their own homes.

Although all of these ideas are relevant to Piguet’s brand identity, a different concept seemed to be the better option.

At the Keynote of CES 2013 with the theme of ‘Mobilizing Possibilities’, Samsung introduced its innovative prototype of a flexible display screen. This is a creation made possible  by OLED technology and it can be rolled up like a piece of paper. This technology is said to be: “Opening up new lifestyle possibilities” and it certainly takes entertainment and motion picture to a level of versatility that has never been reached before (MyNextGadget, 2013). This presents a huge opportunity for collaboration – if Samsung are capable of creating flexible TV screens, then this technology could be adapted and turned into a fabric. This would celebrate Piguet’s original influences whilst also taking on board the advancements of modern technology in a way that has never been explored before, so overall this was the winning concept.



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