MODA Fashion Exhibition Birmingham 2016

I found out about the MODA Fashion Exhibition by searching for local events – fashion events are usually exclusive and expensive. I was looking for something that I could enjoy and be inspired by as a student, without travelling hundreds of miles only to find that I wouldn’t be granted entry. MODA seemed perfect, it was relatively local, it promised to have 1400 stalls, various seminars and students could attend for half of the usual price!

Even though this exhibition is mainly for business and not for entertainment, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I couldn’t help but marvel at all of the work that had gone into the presentation of the entire event. Each of the four halls used for the event were full of stalls, each with its own personality and marketing strategy. The catwalks were lined with tall elegant screens, depicting the colour and mood of each collection.

As a second year Fashion student, I felt that hearing from experts in different sectors of the industry would help me to find a placement that I will love. So I attended various seminars at the event and each one taught me something different – they all gave me a new perspective on how business should be approached.

This experience gave me valuable insight into how trade is carried out within the fashion industry and into the roles of fashion buying, design, visual merchandising, blogging and digital content. I will definitely be attending next year’s exhibition!


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