The First of the Summer Inspiration

Well, we are already 1 month into summer 2016! It has been nice to take a break from studies, but I’m also trying to gather inspiration and visit new places, to give me a fresh perspective and new sources of inspiration for when we return for second year in September. Today’s blog is all about my first finding of the summer.

I went to see ‘Derren Brown: Miracle’ yesterday evening. I won’t disclose the details of what happened during the show. What I will say is that I am always on the side of the skeptic and I decided to leave this side of me at the door on Monday night – I stopped trying to work out how things were being done during the performance and just tried to enjoy them for what they were. I was very pleasantly surprised and I took away some lessons that will be useful throughout my life and career.

Derren Brown is well known for his ability to predict and influence what people are going to say and do. During many of his performances, both on TV and the stage, he has stated that our actions are primarily governed by what we hear and see on a daily basis i.e. newspapers, social media, online channels. Upon realizing how true this is and how powerful of an effect it has on the viewer or reader (whether we want it to or not), I feel an even greater sense of responsibility for what my course and career will take me into. Seeing ‘Miracle’ has definitely made me more aware of my surroundings as a consumer and reiterated for me how important it is to get your content right when working within media.

I have also always been impressed by the way Derren Brown uses his talents to instill a confidence within the members of his audience and how he encourages them to believe in their own ability. Without trying to sell a belief system, he helps to unlock a person’s potential. The main thing I was reminded of on Monday night is that people are the real miracle and we can do anything. The present moment is all that there ever really is and we always have the power to be happy within it.

Without wanting to end this blog with a sob story, we all have something that we worry about in our past or our futures. For me, it took every inch of my anatomy to see 2015 through and gather enough self belief to begin my new course. It’s been so nice to be able to look at the present moment and remember that, even if everything goes belly up from time to time, the important thing is to keep dancing. I have to thank Derren Brown and his talents for reminding me of this on Monday night.






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