Derelict Youth: The Video

This is it, the last week of my first year of Fashion Management! Our final project has been to create Derelict Youth, a sister brand of American based clothing company Nasty Gal. My final task has been to create a video to promote the brand. The video should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and it should accurately portray the brand image, its USP and its core values.

My initial idea for the video was a stop motion, using paper figurines, watercolour, pencils and other art materials. I was inspired by all of the organic illustration I had seen in recent issues of iD, Garage, Pigeons & Peacocks and other fashion magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I think the world of fashion photography is amazing and the world wouldn’t be as exciting without it. But I love fashion illustration, I think it speaks to me more than the promotional side of fashion photography, oversaturated pages of clone models and editorials.

P and P

I created a sample lineup of figures to see if the idea would work. There were a number of reasons that I decided against this idea. For one, our brand is very simplistic and monochromatic, I felt that using watercolour would contradict our theme. Also, our brand is centred around the issue of sustainability – this idea did not communicate our brand ethos at all, so I decided to look for a video idea that helped the viewer to understand why sustainability is an issue.

Video Lineup Clothed

Our brand was heavily influenced by Katherine Hamnett and Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution movement, so we used some of Hamnett’s slogans as a template.

The issue of sustainability is critical and urgent and I wanted to portray this within the video. I played around with the idea of humanity running out of time to change its ways -and I came up with the idea of including a timer within the video. This would create tension throughout the video and help the viewer to understand why we feel so passionately about sustainability. I also created a storyboard for my new video idea – the storyboard changed multiple times, but the main body of it was a series of sustainable choices been made through the camera-holder’s eyes. Each time a sustainable choice was made, a few seconds would be added to the video’s timer, to demonstrate how making sustainable choices links directly to how much time humanity has left. I decided to have the beginning of the video in black and white and the ending in colour to show how the world can be a brighter place if we make the right choices.

Screenshot 1

I didn’t want all of the video to be shown through the camera-holder’s eyes, because I needed the products to be shown and I wanted there to be some people in the video to make it more engaging. So I asked volunteers to help me film quick 2 second shots of them wearing our slogan T shirt and doing simple things like bumping into me in the street. I also decided that every person involved in the video should wear a sheep mask. This was because the sheep was a running theme throughout our mood boards – it was a symbol of the brand’s ironic and dry attitude and how the issue of sustainability is being ignored.

Screenshot 3

Once the first draft of my video was finished, I watched it back to look for where any improvements could be made. I found that the video was too long at 2 minutes – all of the choices seem to be too drawn out and boring, especially seeing as these clips were in black and white. To solve this I shortened the video to 1 minute, by speeding up some of the clips and cutting ones that weren’t very exciting. I also scattered a few short videos of a rural area through the video (in colour) to tie all of the video together and add some colour to the monochromatic theme.

I also changed my initial soundtrack three times – at first it was going to be a song by Arctic Monkeys, although a specific song was never confirmed. This was because they are from Sheffield and they have the gritty, youthful sound that Derelict Youth represents, but this was decided against because I needed a song that would be edgy and forward thinking enough for S/S 2017. I then chose Hourglass by Zedd. This track had a ticking clock in the background, so it brought the video’s story to life – however, the song was too slow paced. I finally chose Greek Tragedy by The Wombats – the track is more upbeat and gritty than Hourglass and I feel that it is obscure enough to have a fighting chance of becoming the trendy, catchy sound of Derelict Youth in 2017.

Overall, I feel that the final outcome of my video was to the best of my ability – this was my first time making a promotional fashion video and I used the opportunity to simply get my bearings, try out new things and have fun with it. Also, I didn’t use experienced models or film makers for the production – it could be argued that this hindered the video’s progress, but I wanted to make the film look organic and have a ‘plain folks’ appeal. I enjoyed the experience and I have learnt a lot from it, next time I will be more confident and I will try to be more adventurous with my techniques.



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