Derelict Youth: The Campaign Plan

The final module of the year is all about communication within fashion and ‘creating the vision.’ we have to develop a strategic promotional advertisement campaign for the S/S 2017 UK brand launch of Derelict Youth. Today’s blog is all about the design of our campaign plan.

During the development of our mood boards, we decided to have a colour palette of black, white, greens and browns.We also decided on a simplistic, clean brand image, so that the brand’s powerful stance on sustainability was received loud and clear, without any prints or complex designs to distract from the brand’s message. This was our starting point for our campaign plan layout – a neutral colour palette and a style that was minimal and concise.

Campaign Layout Newspaper2

We had two variations of the brand logo for our front cover. Our first design was a row of fir trees with ‘Derelict Youth’ written in ‘mohave’ underneath. Although this logo was clean and simple, it didn’t really communicate what Derelict Youth stood for or what kind of brand it was. So instead we opted for a minimal tree that had been illustrated in a scribbly style and a singular tower pictured in the background. By doing this we made a logo that was still monochrome and also illustrated what our brand is about – it is trying to help write a sustainable future where the earth comes before city life.


The overall design of our campaign plan is also heavily inspired by Green Lens Studios, located in north London. I came across their website whilst searching for photography inspiration and I loved the look of their studio and work. Their image is very clean and natural and it fits perfectly into the ‘Encounter Culture’ trend that will dominate fashion during 2017. I tried to replicate the mood that Green Lens Studios successfully creates, by using fresh, clean lines and colours with the occasional sprig of greenery.

What I found most difficult about this part of the project was showcasing our statistics and information in a creative way, whilst also sticking to our clean and minimal theme. I created simplistic templates for our bits of information to fit into, but they seemed to look too monotonous. I solved this by adding small bursts of neutral colour around them.

Campaign Layout Newspaper6




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