Derelict Youth: Mood Boards

For our final module of the year, we have to develop a strategic promotional advertisement campaign for the S/S 2017 UK brand launch of Derelict Youth.

As Derelict Youth will be a sister company of Nasty Gal, their product range should offer what Nasty Gal doesn’t. The brand product area is still womenswear, but its unique selling point is the powerful and urgent voice that it gives to the topic of sustainability. Derelict Youth offers a powerful sarcastic approach to fashion but with strong ethical values. We wanted to create an essential sustainable product range, including promotional slogans printed onto organic cotton t-shirts.

T shirt

Derelict Youth supports the movement into sustainable fashion because, even after the hottest year on record in 2015, change within the fashion industry is nowhere near fast enough. Apathetic attitudes within today’s over-consumed fashion industry are difficult to ignore and the movement needs a stronger and more forceful voice to be able to change the industry. Our influences include; Katherine Hamnett, Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution and British street style.

For our mood boards, we wanted to use powerful messages and recycled materials to represent Derelict Youth as a sustainable and activist brand. We wanted to reflect the ‘Encounter culture’ spring/summer 2017 trend, green being the new black. The boards also include relevant objects and primary images, all of which paint a picture of the Derelict Youth brand identity. Items included; a sheep mask (this will be used during filming to portray the ignorance surrounding sustainability), the Derelict Youth shirt sample with #NoTimeToWaste printed onto it, photographs of our film location (Parkwood Springs, Sheffield) and realia items such as our Barbie doll holding up a protest sign.

Our concept mood board is communicating our brand ethos and what we are trying to achieve by creating Derelict Youth. I contrasted a derelict building against a warm, sunny field and fragmented the images. I then placed the barbie doll in front of the derelict estate. This is supposed to demonstrate what our brand is fighting for – our brand wants to change the derelict side of this image and make sure we can all live a sustainable lifestyle. Derelict Youth is fighting for a clearer future that isn’t so confusing and fragmented.


We decided to use our own handwriting on some of the mood boards. This was to add to the organic, sustainable brand image and to show a connection with people rather than machines and computers.

We also decided to place a sheep’s head over our model drawings and photographs. We decided to run with this theme throughout the campaign, because the sheep symbolizes the ignorance surrounding sustainability issues and it also adds to the sarcasm and irony the brand image stands for.

We decided to use ‘mohave’ as our signature font – the font looks clean and direct and calls attention to the gritty youth culture that runs through British cities. Katherine Hamnett and Doc Martens have a similar style and they inspired us whilst creating our brand DNA.

Finally, we decided on a colour scheme of black, white, green and brown. We want our brand image to be clean and simplistic with links to nature – we felt that this was the best colour palette to communicate these ideas. I also particularly like the black and white, because it relates to old photographs – it portrays that our futures will be derelict and life as we know it will be a distant memory if we don’t change our ways.




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