Fashion Communication: Issues in the Industry

The final project of this academic year has arrived. We are required to put together an advertising campaign for Derelict Youth – a brand that is yet to be launched and is a sister company of American based clothing company Nasty Gal. As a part of the project, we have been studying current issues within the fashion industry and writing an article about an issue of our choosing.

Fashion Issues Poster

I chose to cover sustainability, because although all of the issues are incredibly important, I have always been an advocate for action against climate change and I felt that my knowledge of this topic was the strongest. My article is posted below today’s blog – it covers how the fashion industry isn’t turning to sustainable processes fast enough, ways that we can help and why we should do it.

I wanted the design of my double page spread to communicate what the article was about, without being too obvious. I drew an initial sketch of what I envisioned it would look like. I decided against this idea before I started designing, because the collection of different images would make the spread too busy and confusing. I wanted a more simplistic design.


To solve the problem I took lots of photographs of relevant scenery; derelict buildings, abandoned interiors and junk yards. Out of all of the images, I chose one that showed a close up of a cobweb and a sunlit window. I liked this one the most because in my mind it told a story of somebody inside of a box unaware of what was unfolding outside. I also liked that there was a lot of dark space to place my text.


A Whole New World Edited

A Whole New World


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