Polo-Tech: The Final Report

Today marks the end of our fashion management and marketing project. During this project, I analysed Ralph Lauren’s new Polo-Tech shirt using business models like PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces and used my findings to select appropriate communication platforms to launch the product. The forth and final blog about this project is all about my final report design and how I decided to pull all of my information together to create a magazine.

I had a running theme throughout all of my printed media in this project – the presentation folders, posters and presentation all had a space theme running through them, along with geometric shapes and Polo-Tech’s signature colors, yellow and black. I decided to keep the front and back cover of my magazine very similar to my presentation folder, because I wanted to maintain the theme and keep the outside design clean and simple.

I included all of my business models within the report, so I had to decide whether to use the graphs from my poster or from my presentation. I decided to use the graphs from my presentation, because the graphs from my poster were too simply designed. This worked for the poster because I had a lot of information to include on an A3 spread, but my report needed something that looked more experimental. The graphs were different shapes and sizes and this gave me a lot of creative ideas for text placement.

After that the pages just sort of found their own way. I already had a color scheme and shapes to work with, it was just a matter of deciding where the text boxes should be placed and where the business models should be positioned. Although I did change my PESTEL business model a little – I wanted the graph to be easier to understand at a glance, so I added a vector image for each point to summarize what the paragraph was about.


The 4 Ps




Porter’s Five Forces

I found the communication platforms section the most difficult in my report – I didn’t have any business models to work with so the images I chose had to perfectly portray each communication platform. My in-store appointments section was especially tricky because I found the idea very hard to summarize with an image. I solved the problem by taking a trip to the local shopping center and photographing the Ralph Lauren sections I could find within the stores. By some luck, the colors matched my color scheme perfectly and helped me to better communicate my point.

If I was to design my report again, I would definitely have designed an info graphic to demonstrate my survey results – they were a valuable reference throughout my report and it would have bee interesting to collate the information into graphs. However, overall I am happy with my layout because I maintained a theme, I found a way to use my primary research and all of my points are demonstrated clearly.


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