Polo-Tech Continued: The Poster

So far, I have written 2 blogs regarding my ‘How To Launch a Product’ module – my assigned product was the Ralph Lauren Polo-Tech shirt and I have explained the design of my research folder and my ‘Ignite’ presentation. This blog is going to be my analysis of my poster – a series of info-graphics condensing all of the statistics and research I have gathered surrounding the Polo-Tech shirt and how the product should be launched.

I’ve found this part of the project to be the most difficult – you’d think that simplifying information into little pictures would be easy, but I’ve come to realize its sort of an art form! I found it hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to say in 1 or 2 words and then make such a small amount of information look relevant and interesting.

I began by gathering all of my info-graphics that I created for my presentation and tried to lay them out on an A3 spread on InDesign CS6. I soon decided that the shape of these info-graphics just wasn’t right – it would be difficult to convey my information in a simple and informative way using such random and varied layouts. So I decided to start my info-graphics again from scratch and sketched a few ideas of what they might look like and how I would lay them out.

Graphic Second Try

I still wanted all of my designs for this project to be consistent, so I used the background from the inside of my research folder as a new starting point. I loved the textured curves and decided to use them as guides to place my info-graphics. I decided to create basic graphics this time, so as to make the information as clear and easy to understand as possible – but I also wanted the page to look interesting and full of character. I thought sticking with my folder’s space theme might solve this problem, so I started laying out circles of different sizes all over the page, like planets (along with a bar chart, just to mix it up a bit). I created one layout that was symmetrical and another that was scattered – I decided that I liked the scattered look more, because it wasn’t as obvious and it had more personality.


I loved the space theme, because it conveyed that the Polo-Tech shirt was technological, innovative and reaching new heights – but it still wasn’t very clear what I was trying to communicate. I wanted my audience to be able to to glance at the poster and be able to tell in an instant what it was about. I needed an icon or picture that summarized the launching of the Polo-Tech shirt – a Polo shirt vector might have worked, but I thought it was too cliché. I used a rocket vector to solve the problem – it was consistent with my space theme, it symbolized the launching of a product and also gave me an interesting idea for conveying the product life cycle. The rocket was black and it clashed with the nay blue background, so I reluctantly had to remove it.

I wanted to be doubly sure that what I was trying to communicate was clear and interesting, so I also searched for pictures to demonstrate my points on the more complex graphs.

Final Graphic

If I was to create this poster again, I would have found pictures to demonstrate all of my points, not just the more complex info-graphics. I think they made the the information more memorable and interesting than just text. But overall I am happy with my poster because; it has a running theme, the design is consistent with all of the other work I have done for this project and the information is displayed concisely. I also think the design demonstrates the intangible side of the product whilst also allowing my personality to trickle through.


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