Polo-Tech Continued: The Presentation

Since my last post regarding our current university project, we have put together our own presentations to briefly outline and explain how we would launch our product (in this case the Ralph Lauren Polo-Tech shirt). These presentations had to be in the form of an ‘Ignite’ talk, meaning the presentation had to be extremely fast – consisting of 20 slides, each 15 seconds long. Today’s blog is my analysis of my own work, how I created my presentation and what I want to improve.

My starting point was a YouTube video explaining exactly what an ‘Ignite’ talk should consist of. The presentation was very fast-paced – it felt brief but also had lots of information packed into it, with an image on screen to summarize each point. I decided I wanted my images to be just as engaging as my words, so I decided to create each slide using InDesign and then paste each page into a PowerPoint presentation.

I then searched Pinterest for info-graphic inspiration, to help me condense my information.  I also wanted my designs to be consistent throughout this project, so I began making a swatch of all the textures and colors I had used in my previous folder design.

Once I had all of the basics, I began to create grids and charts on Illustrator CS6. I felt that these designs were too basic, so I began to pull them apart and make them less symmetrical. I kept experimenting with the layout and the finished product ended up looking nothing like the original grids! But I’m still happy with them, because an info-graphic has to be very eye-catching to draw an audience in within 15 seconds and I think the finished graphics have enough character to do that.


Although I created graphics with a lot of personality, there was one graph that I felt would be better to keep basic. The graph demonstrates where Ralph Lauren sits in the current market next to its competitors and I realized it would take more than 15 seconds to explain how the graph worked. So I split the concept into 2 graphs, spanned them over 2 slides and kept the graphics basic so the idea that I was trying to communicate would be easier to grasp.

If I was to do my presentation again I would perhaps make the info-graphics a little less complex – maybe use 1 or 2 textures instead of 3 or 4, so it is easier for the audience to understand in such a small space of time. Also, I would have perhaps left out the final info-graphic, as the concept was quite difficult to understand in 15-30 seconds. But overall I was very happy with my presentation, because I took risks and worked to the best of my ability to create graphics that were simple, informative and interesting.


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