Next Project: Ralph Lauren Polo-Tech

The first module of the semester has drawn to a close and a whole new project has been unveiled to keep us busy over the winter! The aim of this new task is to analyse a new and innovative product that we have been allocated (Ralph Lauren’s Polo-Tech shirt) and propose how we would introduce it to the current market place.

The best way to approach the task was to break down the product and the brand into bitesized chunks. So we produced a graphic using containing the Polo-Tech key colours, words and images. This helped us to pinpoint the brand’s values and what they have tried to achieve by creating the Polo-Tech shirt.



This exercise informed my decisions during the next step, which was to design a creative folder to contain all of my brand research. I began by looking for layouts that I found interesting. In my mind, Polo-Tech incorporates conservative and sporty styles, so i wanted my folder design to reflect this. I started to like the idea of triangles and geometric designs, because they imply style and classicality, whilst also being technical and precise.

My initial design used geometric shapes filled with an image of a young male sporting the Polo-Tech shirt whilst exercising. I decided not to use this design because it looked too messy and busy – Ralph Lauren has a high quality brand image so I felt the design needed to be more minimal and classic. My first minimal design was extremely clean with an enlarged Ralph Lauren Logo placed over the title. I liked this design as it looked professional and controlled, but there was no artistic quality or geometric shapes. I wanted to be more creative with the design.




I reworked the layout so that it incorporated both geometric shapes and a classic minimal tone. I preferred the minimal design with just a few eye-catching geometric shapes and small text, because it didn’t look as garish or loud. We also had the option to laser cut into our folder covers, but I decided against this. I felt that this technique wasn’t something that Ralph Lauren would usually incorporate into their style – their look is much more moderate and controlled.

Final Design2

Because the cover of the folder was so subtle, I decided to be more creative with the inside of the folder. I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create a network of lines to symbolise electrical connections within a circuit. This was to mirror the innovative technology associated with the Polo-Tech shirt. I also depicted the Ralph Lauren horse logo seemingly galloping along a textured geometric shape. This was to portray the fact that the brand has progressed over-time and that they are successfully riding the wave of new technological and social advancements.

I also created a polo shirt vector using Illustrator, but I decided against using this within my layout. This is because I wanted to keep my shapes basic and I feel that the detailing of the shirt would not fit with this theme.

polo template

If i was to design this folder again, I would have perhaps added a textured background instead of a plain grey fill. This may have added more character to the design, instead of just a series of technical geometric shapes. However, I am still happy with my design because I feel that it accurately portray’s Polo-Tech’s brand identity – it includes precise measurements and technical shapes whilst also being creative and full of personality.






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