Style Inspiration: Rune Factory

We are all looking to express ourselves in some way shape or form – trying to capture the essence of ourselves and convey ideas and personality traits. This article is about what has inspired me recently regarding fashion and what I’d like to make/wear.

The Rune Factory series is a group of very cute and immersive rpgs. The games are a spin off from the Harvest Moon series, which I have seen a lot more of in UK shops. It has a lot of different avenues for you to explore, including running your own farm, choosing a spouse, fighting and taming monsters, cooking, mining and fishing. But the aspect of the games that really sticks with me is the wonderful character design, particularly the clothing.

The design does something for me that I’ve never really seen with a lot of game art. It’s something I could see as a cosplay, on the catwalk or on the high street – an unusual lovely mix of costume and casual. For example, Rosalind (RF2) wears an elegant floor length coat over a cute playsuit with matching shoes. I could easily see this as part of a capsule collection. It’s wearable but at the same time has something unique and memorable about its style.

I love the male character designs just as much. Although a lot of them might be a little too extravagant for casual wear, there are aspects that I could definitely see becoming something desirable in everyday life. Doug’s character (RF4) has just the right colours and elements of adventure to be turned into something really innovative and exciting. Brown slouchy shorts and ‘hopeless wanderer’ type jacket, for example.

I don’t really know where I wanted this article to go. I suppose I just wanted to publicize how much I appreciate this game and how it has had an unexpected effect on my love for fashion and style. Maybe one day this appreciation will manifest itself into an awesome cosplay or a personal rune factory inspired item of clothing, but until then I’ll keep playing the game and enjoy all it has to offer and I hope I’ve introduced some new people to the game in the process.


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