“I Am Over-Emotional”

I think we all remember a time when we feel we have overreacted. I’ve lost count of the times I have felt the pangs of excitement or irritation or sadness or jealousy and told myself that it wasn’t an appropriate emotion to be feeling. It is an anomaly, an error, a hindrance, something I shouldn’t pay attention to. This article explains why I think this is such a grave mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a degree of self control. I’m not suggesting that everybody goes out and tells that customer exactly what they think of them or screams at the top of their lungs in the middle of the supermarket. My point is that we all too often pretend certain emotions don’t exist, question whether it was the right way to feel or if anybody else would feel that way in that situation.

What should matter is that is how you feel – you aren’t making it up and you aren’t imagining things. Just because the majority might act differently, doesn’t make your feelings any less valid. Having your own opinion and reaction makes you human, it makes you so much more than the apathetic ghost. 

Your emotions are YOU. How you interpret and react to your surroundings characterizes you. Your contribution to this life is defined by a unique sequence of behavioural patterns. If we don’t pay our true feelings any attention, our real values and beliefs will never be conveyed. Tell your partner if you are jealous, tell your relatives who you really want to be, tell yourself how fricking delicious that mackerel and tomato sauce sandwich is, even if everybody else throws up a bit.

If memories are all we get to leave behind when we go, shouldn’t we make them a true representation of who we were? So many ideas run through a single human brain in a single human life and so many of them are lost. I think its important to think for ourselves, make our lives count and not live under the canopy of proper ways to act. Don’t be sad about being over emotional, be happy to feel and think in your own way.


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