Making the Most of Local Life This Summer

I admitted in my very first blog that my world is barely more than a few blocks wide – I’m a very small town girl who doesn’t like to stray from the nest for too long and hasn’t quite made it out of her home country yet. Having said that, this has given me plenty of opportunity to explore what this small pocket of the globe has to offer. I have to say I have found some absolute gems that I think deserve to be shared! So today’s blog is all about my favourite stores in my local areas and what you’ll expect to see if you want to give them a visit.



Cow Ltd

One of the more central stores on my favourites list, Cow is located in the heart of Sheffield. It’s vintage selection of pieces are a breath of fresh air that contradict the suffocating monotony that high street fashion can sometimes bring. Every time you walk through their doors, you are guaranteed to find something relevant, unique and expressive that suits whatever style or genre you are looking for. This store celebrates retro whilst also staying current and affordable and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to mix up their style or add something quirky to their wardrobe.


The Creeps Store

Photo from The Creeps Store Facebook page:

Photo from The Creeps Store Facebook page:

I discovered this brand whilst they began promoting their summer collection – this original label collaborated with Handmade Cinema and produced an immersive screening of Mean Girls to advertise their latest work. The film and activities of the event accurately portrayed the theme of Creep Store’s summer garments; fun and bubbly with a whole lot of pink! All of their pieces are handmade and full of charm, so if you’re looking for some inspiration this summer, then their website is the place to go.




This quaint little treasure is in a quiet spot on the outskirt of Chesterfield town centre. It’s so eye catching against the industrial buildings around it, your eyes can’t help but wander to the abstract paintings thrown across the brickwork. If that’s not enough to brighten a dull day, they sell everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I once spied a teapot on one of their shelves made out of a conch shell, painted green and varnished, I’d never seen anything like it. So if you’re not really looking for clothes and just want something unique to brighten your day, you will definitely find something in Antiques to bring out your personality.


Curious Goods

Curious Goods

Also based in Chesterfield, you’ll find Curious Goods in a little alleyway in the town centre. It’s location only adds to its charm, you really do feel like you’ve stumbled across Diagon Alley. This store is the epitome of witchcraft and relaxation, they sell everything from incense and wind chimes to lucky charms and precious rocks. You know when you’re close by because the shop has a distinct magical scent that travels through the nearby streets. It’s the perfect stress relief when it’s been a hot and busy day wandering through the town.


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