Are We Supposed to Hate What We Write?

More often than not, I would look back on pieces that I have written and comment on how much I disliked the work that I had published.

I  think we’ve all had a moment where we’ve looked at something we’ve done in the past and flinched. And the embarrassment often compels us to delete it or block it out or use whatever means are necessary to make it seem like it never existed.

But recently, I’ve come to see these experiences as similar to a splatter of colours across a blank canvas. If we stayed with the same opinions all of our lives, the canvas would be very bleak – linear, monochrome clone drawings that don’t tell us anything new or show any kind of journey. Each new splatter is personal and unique and makes the canvas a whole lot more meaningful than just a copy of a copy, terrified to make mistakes and explore.

So unless you were born as a fully evolved human being, then you will move on from the stages that you were at. I think its okay to acknowledge that you aren’t the person you were then. But don’t hate that person for how they made sense of the world, because who you are today is built on it. Nothing is permanent, so I think it is especially important to speak up and record our opinions whilst they last, even if we are afraid that we are wrong. Because the learning process is just as important, if not more so, than the conclusion we come to at the end.


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