Strike a Light … Or Not

As you may know, #ToriesOutNow was removed from the trending section of Twitter and London protests were not thoroughly broadcasted by British news. Similarly, I would not have known anything about this flyer photographed above had I not walked into a pub and picked it up from under a beermat. I feel today’s blog is a perfect opportunity to advertise events like this, as there seems to be very limited media coverage.

It may feel like a waste of time to some, but I believe that if you don’t stand up and be counted then opinions can easily be swept under the carpet – especially now that Cameron is looking at setting a threshold in strike ballots:

To make a strike ballot valid, Cameron wants 40% of the membership to have voted – when only 24% of the electorate actually put a cross next to the conservative candidate’s name, in the 2015 general election.

So please take note of the 20th June and other events like it. The only people who cannot withdraw their labour are called slaves. It is our fundamental right to protest and we shouldn’t let anybody try to put restraints on it.


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