I’m a Fashion Management student with a passion for writing! This site aims to be a personal blog, featuring fashion, my day-to-day life and things that get up my nose. Chesterfield is my home town and I’m based in Sheffield right now. My world is only a few blocks wide but I have a pile of big dreams that want fulfilling and I’m ready to face whatever challenges might lie ahead.

I love reading other blogs and articles so if there’s anything you’ve written and/or think I should read, be sure to hit me up! I love sewing, crochet, reading and bargains make me quite happy too. I’m into lots of games and films, I have my favourites but I’ll happily sample them all. I don’t go out much compared to other students but when I go, I GO. I like to think my best quality is open mindedness and I don’t really have any philosophies except to leave this world a bit better than when I arrived.

If you’re still reading then you have my heartfelt thanks and I hope you’ll be with me throughout this blog experiment!


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